FIS Accounting

FIS Accounting Services GmbH, a member of the FIS group of companies, is a universal service-provider dealing with all aspects related to accounting, cost accounting and tax law matters.

An accurate and properly managed Accounting Department, not only satisfies legal requirements, but it is an absolute necessity, an essential part of company management. 

Continuous evaluations and monitoring by FIS Accountants, together with timely reports generated, enable the client to be fully aware of their company’s financial position. The information provided will materially assist management in reaching appropriate business decisions in a timely fashion.

The FIS Accounting Services contract encompasses the preparation of the monthly payroll as well as the completion and submission of all requisite documentation and notifications, required under law, to the competent local authorities. FIS Accountants regularly provide guidance, advice, and support to client companies in many other aspects of business, including those covering labor and social insurance law issues. 

FIS Accounting professionals are not only competent to advice on all matters involving Finance, Cost Accounting and Controlling, but also possess wide experience in matters regarding company valuations and due diligence investigations.

Tax advice does not end with the preparation of the annual financial statements. FIS Accounting professionals are also very experienced in counseling and advising on many matters dealing with national or international situations. 

FIS Accounting specializes in the following areas:

  • Representation with local and regional authorities
  • Start-Up Service ( founding, selection of the legal form, counseling on tax optimization)
  • Planning and implementation of company reorganization and liquidation
  • Creative Tax planning (e.g. group taxation) 
  • Ongoing information covering all current legal innovations