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FIS Finance & Investment Services Group is an integrated independent financial, investment, legal and insurance services provider with an impressive track record for more than 20 years. FIS provides assistance and services for its international clientele in the following areas: Financial and Investment (M&A) Advising, Insurance Services, Funds Management, Legal Services, Financial Reporting / Bookkeeping, Real Estate and Trading Business.
FIS Finance & Investment Services Group is headquartered in Vienna (Austria), subsidiaries in Hungary and Croatia, and entertains different representatives in international markets.
It is our mission is to render assistance and service foremost by providing its clientele with an optimal integrated and proven structure that best satisfies and meets their requirements and expectations.

The success of the FIS group is based on the high quality of its services, its more than 20 years of experience in the market and the 100% commitment to excellence.

FIS Group

FIS Finance & Investment Services

Structured finance, investment consulting, M&A transactions, corporate bond issues, equity, debt restructuring, financial modelling, financial trainings, risk analysis

FIS Corporate Administration

Company foundation, holding concepts, registered office, business license, office facilities, business processing, banking, bookkeeping, business management

FIS Private Insurance

Credit insurance, hedging against political and economic risks in foreign business

FIS Funds Management

Structure and management of investment funds in Commodity Trade Finance

FIS Real Estate

Land purchase, residential constructions, real estate development and potentials analysis

FIS Legal

Corporate Law, Contractual Law, Enterprise Purchase (M&A), Banking Law, International Law

FIS Accounting

Bookkeping, Balance sheet preparation, Payroll accounting, Tax counseling

FIS Trading

Trading, Agency, Newsprint, Logistics, Finance, Insurance

FIS Trade Solutions

Financing and security solutions for the implementation of complex trade transactions

FIS Iron

Trading, purchase of goods for the purpose of further resale (mainly metallurgical products), agency activities