Financial Modelling

Today’s volatile business environment calls for a maximum plausibility of business proposals.

In business transactions understanding risks, thresholds and results builds confidence towards deal closing. Financial models are the established tool to achieve overview and transparency. Project financing transactions in industry and infrastructure rely on the guiding structure from clear and comprehensive financial models, which provide a material framework for negotiations and agreements to stakeholders involved.

Financial Modelling Services in business transactions

Our advisory team stands ready to provide you with assistance, based on comprehensive knowledge gained from a wide range of successfully completed transactions. In an initial phase, a scope of relevant outputs is defined in close consultation with you or your technical advisors. This scope serves to elaborate a transaction specific model, which is capable of transforming available inputs into a guiding framework of plausible scenarios. An agreed timetable and specified features of the model ensure that the final outcome will lead our clients to a thorough understanding of the transaction and its successful closing and implementation.

Financial models support your business transaction also in the context of

  • Feasibility studies (in cooperation with specialized engineering consultants), from you or from our own subcontracted partners
  • Business plans
  • Project-Due Diligence Analysis and Investigations
  • Management Reports

An overview of the services we provide in this field is available as PDF-file for download (pdf-file)

Advantages to your business transaction from advisory services through financial modelling are:

    • The model traces and quantitatively describes the material relations of your transaction including technical, financial and legal aspects.
    • It serves as a basis for structuring and optimising your transaction for negotiations and agreements.
    • Stakeholders (financial institutions, investors) gain an understanding of risk and value potentials.
    • Forecasting formats allow for monitoring purposes beyond deal closing.
    • Our services can be called upon tailored to the degree of support you require. The assistance can range from technical details of financial modelling to complement the know-how available with your in-house staff to the full array of project finance consulting.