FIS Finance & Investment Services GesmbH

FIS Finance & Investment Services GesmbH “FIS” is an independent financial services and investment boutique headquartered in Vienna (Austria) and representative offices located in Zurich, Moscow, New York, Yekaterinburg and Minsk. FIS renders assistance and services in following areas: Structured Finance Advising, Investment Advising, Insurance Services, Corporate Administration, Funds Management, Legal Services and Financial Reporting / Bookkeeping

Its mission is to render assistance and services foremost by providing its international clientele with innovative, optimal integrated and proven structures that best satisfy and meet their requirements, management commitments and responsibilities. The success of the FIS group is based on the high quality of its services, its many years of experience in the market and its 100% commitment to excellence.

FIS Group specializes in the following areas:

  • Finance Advising
  • Investment Advising
  • Financial Modelling
  • Financial Training

FIS Customers:

1) International and Domestic Corporate Customers
In order to enable domestic and internationally active enterprises to participate or readily react to conditions in an ever changing environment, FIS will tailor make its program of services to owners, CEOs, presidents, CFOs and other senior executives, that have the ability to make decisions regarding finance & investment, insurance, accounting and legal needs.

2) Banking & Insurance Institutions, Strategic Partners
FIS is experienced in advising and counseling  financial and insurance institutions as well as strategic partners, who wish to increase or to restructure their finance or investment portfolio. Furthermore, FIS will advise and assist financial and insurance institutions, who are not in a position to serve the specialized international finance or investment needs of certain in-house customers, due to culpability or strict assignment reasons. Additionally, FIS retains expertise and knowledge in the recovery of bad debts, as well as offering assistance/guidance during the recovery process.

3) Referrals
The  services of FIS Group can be tailor made specifically for a select group of banks, traders, financial and investment consultants, law firms, accounting firms, management consultants, bankers, marketers, architects, real estate agents, and brokers, who may know of a company or institution seeking assistance for finance & investment, insurance, accounting and legal services.