FIS Corporate Administration

FIS Finance & Investment Services, an international Group of companies, which over the years has continually provided its clients with timely financing and investment advice, has developed specialized knowledge for management and administration of companies incorporated under the laws of Austria. 

The FIS Group is delighted to extend a cordial invitation to interested local and international investors, desiring to obtain information and comprehensive details about this service. The FIS Group of specialists are available, every step of the way, to explain in detail all aspects pertaining to clients’ specialized needs, review numerous options, as well as advise and consult on the most suitable corporate vehicle to meet requirements. 

Some of the most common options might include the establishment of an entirely new holding company entity, or creation of a specialized purpose company to satisfy trade and project related needs. Often the creation of a new holding company to hold several existing assets could be the most economical solution.  Another option available is the relocation of existing business entities to FIS Group offices located in prestigious district of Vienna. In any case, the FIS specialist team is experienced to handle and arrange all the details covering any options selected, its relocation to Vienna as well as the entire management, if desired.

As a result of the FIS tailored and comprehensive approach to customers’ needs, substantial savings can be expected. Such will apply not only for start-ups, but for existing companies engaged with specific projects, for holdings and special purpose vehicles, as well as for smaller entities that perhaps may not yet have generated sufficient cash flow to enable and support a continued investment program.